Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Yummy Food!

It was my friend's birthday last weekend, & she has a wonderful gourmet son & daughter-in-law that prepared a wonderful 'small bites' menu for a few select guests. Wow!! There were three different takes on a bruschetta. This first one was macerated fresh English peas with mint & a thin slice of cheese...ahhh!
Another was creme fraiche, with apples & prosciutto...Of course I have no photo of my favorite, which was served on toasted pumpernickel. Smoked salmon, thin slice of red onion, & as I recall, cheese & perhaps a little creme fraiche (gobbled down before I could snap photos!).
   They also served their famous 'zucchini cakes' (which I will have to get the recipe for) with 3 dipping sauces (evocative of Indian dipping sauces), chicken on skewers satay style, shrimp on skewers, as well as asparagus, sausage & broccolini. Yummy! We then had red velvet cake & black raspberry ice cream. Poor hub, he missed out!!
   I have been on a pizza kick lately, made some Sunday & Monday nights. Sunday was a garlic/carrot/basil/walnut pesto with bbq chicken, as well as pepperoni f/the boys (mixed some of my pesto in their red sauce). Then, with spur-of-the-moment dinner guests last night, I chose pizza again, this time carrot/basil/garlic/arugula/walnut pesto with slightly sauteed mushrooms and a red sauce bacon pizza! All with mozzarella cheese, of course. No photos this time. I put a ton of dried basil in my homemade dough, which has 2 cups of white flour to about 1 cup of whole wheat. I'll check my past posts to see if I have posted the pizza dough recipe. If I haven't, I will post the recipe...

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