Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Horses are Heavenly!

    SO happy I was able to take Kahlua out for a quick ride today, before the rain comes this week. She was happy to get out, and she got a little frisky when we hit this one spot she likes to speed up. I held her back, & she did a little tossing around (I think she even gave a little buck). She's so easy to sit, though, and I calmed her down. Hard to believe she's an old horse, sometimes! This photo is from the other day, on my iPhone, so the quality isn't the best. I LOVE that I can just go for a ride any time; it is such a great feeling! There is such a great bond you develop with your horse...
   This is looking up towards our house. Speaking of which, the hub has done a marvelous job with the Christmas lights this year. Best display yet! You can see our deck lights from Cuddy Valley Rd., but the front is just beautiful!
   This is from the other day, when we made a complete circuit from Pinon Pines to Darling Rd., & returned through the back. I'm always looking for big rocks or sharp limbs that might cause an injury. There are still a ton of broken limbs from that big storm in March of 2011.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

CALM, & Rainbow

   Last weekend, the monkey and I went to CALM (California Living Museum). This was the best view we have ever had of the mountain lions! You can see the other one in the top right corner.
   Another great close-up...
   This is a nice shot of a resting bobcat, but the others were having a ball running around...
   A very kind docent gave us a close encounter with a kestrel.

   This rainbow kept appearing in the same spot for over an hour. It was the lowest rainbow I have ever seen!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anniversary & Snow!

The hub brought me some beautiful flowers for our anniversary last Friday! So pretty, & they still are looking & smelling great (gotta love those stargazer lilies).
Speaking of snow, we had a little Thursday night. It was so cold all weekend, the tiny amount of snow took all weekend before it melted.

This snow was still on our deck Sunday. Brrr!!
This is the monkey with one of his creations...he has such a fantastic imagination!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

   I must admit, my monkey is quite the handsome lad! We had fun trick-or-treating in Pinon Pines. Look at these pumpkins; this is the harvest from the pumpkins that sprouted from my compost!

   The hub carved all of these jack o'lanterns. He has become a talented artist! Poor guy; yesterday was his birthday, & we really didn't celebrate. We will tomorrow, though! He's a pretty great guy; he helped me saddle the horsey, & I took a very nice ride. The farrier came last week, & gave us fantastic advice...