Sunday, February 27, 2011


   Personally, I would have liked to have had about twice as much snow, but it has just been that kind of season. Happy we have snow... These photos were taken this morning from our home in Pinon Pines, in the lovely Cuddy Valley...
   Hopefully I don't jinx Moose (the snowdog), but as of today, has gone the longest since we adopted him, without going after Henry. He is much more relaxed and secure. Keep praying that he keeps making progress! This dog has been a lot of work!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Michi's Magic Bookshelf February Free Craft

We had a great time on Saturday, February 12 at Chatterpillar. First I read Froggy's First Kiss and I'll Always Love You to the children. Then, they had fun making valentines (or whatever they wanted) with the materials I supplied. Chatterpillar gave them a big cookie, and Dragonfly's Garden gave them a free flower!

    Look for my next article in the March issue of the New Mountain Pioneer. It will feature a fun book to read to your children, and give the date/time of my craft. Haven't entirely decided on book/venue. Would like to include Ridge Route Museum again...
    In April, we'll be reading a book about parrots in the rainforest, making origami newspaper planting containers, & planting sunflowers. My friend, Rachel, will bring one of her amazing birds to teach the children about them. It is going to be held at Mountain Mercantile, & the kids will receive a free scoop of ice cream!
    Later that evening, my wonderful neighbor friends had us over for dinner (should have snapped photos!). Amazing crab cakes with thin sliced apples, a lemon aioli & a chile/avocado aioli. Wow...Then salad with homemade dressing, by my other friend, Barb. Main course was halibut with creamy citrus sauce, fingerling potatoes, broccolini. Started with some lovely cheeses, inc. unikaas (sp?), champagne cocktails, an Opolo blend wine called Maestro, from Paso Robles, CA) Also enjoyed a Stone Pine Estates '05 cab. For dessert, I made chocolate creme brulee. Great food, great wine, great friends!
    The hub made sure I had a great Valentine's Day, with gorgeous tulips & a beautiful Boden dress & sweater (lots of brownie points!!). ha ha ha Now, if we can all just recover from the flu!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mountain Mercantile & Pine Mountain Inn

    The monkey had another 100% on his spelling test, so we had to have ice cream at Mountain Mercantile. Look at the yummy treats! We had to bring home a loaf of that wonderful bread, coconut/chocolate/caramel squares & turtles. Note my handpainted wine glasses for sale in bottom photo!
I am proud to announce that the lovely Pine Mountain Inn is including a pair of my handpainted Valentine champagne glasses with their Sweetheart package Valentine's weekend. Just painted this batch of wine glasses today. These will be available for purchase by guests. The blue bird is a steller jay, native to this area... 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Handpainted Glasses are at Mountain Mercantile!

Happy to announce that Mountain Mercantile is currently carrying a selection of my handpainted Valentine wine and beer glasses! No two are exactly alike, and only $10 each! The glasses I use are even made in the USA!