Sunday, July 3, 2011

Motorcycle Jaunt

   The hub & I took advantage of our child-free Saturday to ride the Harley to Lake Hughes for lunch at the Rock Inn (this photo was taken right in front of it). You could feel the temperature rise dramatically as we descended into Lebec, then it really got hot when we took Gorman Post Road to the 138. M&M ranch was closed, so cherry season there is over. In September, the organic peaches will be ready, though!
   From the 138, it's only about 14 miles to Lake Hughes. The Rock Inn was built in 1929, and is a cool building constructed mainly out of river rock (of course I didn't take a photo of it, but that monument across the street gives you a feel for it). Major biker destination, with great burgers. The owner's late mom passed on her secret pickle recipe to him, & you can buy a jar for $8. They are an unusual blend between dill/sweet. They'd be great in a tuna salad.

   I spotted this unusual oak tree on the road to Lake Hughes. The tree looked like it had been hit by lightning, and was dead. However, there is a living piece that looks like a whole tree growing out of that huge horizontal branch on the left. A little difficult to discern in the photos, but very wild...
   It was a relief to get out of the heat and back to the mountains. You felt a really dramatic drop in the temperature when you passed the sign in Cuddy Valley for the Darling Ranch black angus.

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