Monday, May 23, 2011

A Cold Spring, and a Condor Craft at Ridge Route Museum

Hello! Spring continues to be rather cold in the mountains; here is a view near the Monkey's school of Mt. Abel, last week! The photo below is Pine Mountain Club...

  Yesterday, we had a small, but festive turnout for the Michi's Magic Bookshelf craft & storytime. We read Condor's Egg, a wonderful book the museums sells for only $8. Then, we had fun making paperbag condor puppets (I am the queen of literature-based paperbag
  Barbara, our docent, was wonderful, showing the kids around and providing yummy cookies. The monkey & a friend with her in front of a Chumash display. Some other boys came later, as well. Will be writing an article about it for the Mountain Enterprise.
  If you have not visited the Ridge Route Museum, you must go! It is a little gem, with outdoor and indoor displays of authentic local artifacts, photos and history. In fact, their little book on elderberries has inspired me to plan an elderberry-picking excursion in the late summer/early fall...
   My next craft will be Saturday, June 18, at Mountain Mercantile in Pine Mountain ice cream for the kids! We will be enjoying father-themed stories, and making a Father's Day gift!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilac Festival in PMC

Lilac Festival is wrapping up today. Great vendors & fun if anyone can make it to PMC!

Some of our local cub scouts, a few adults & I marched in the parade yesterday. They did a great job staying in formation. Next parade, we will have to plan some kind of 'skit' (a la 'Napoleon Dynamite)..

The monkey also participated in the Maypole Dance with Pine Mountain Learning Center.