Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Friend in the Garden

   About a week ago, we discovered a friend in our garden; Lumpy (as the monkey has named him) is a toad. We think s/he is a western, or boreal toad. We were very excited, and he likes to go in my little cottage garden. We are hoping Kosmo doesn't eat him. He has a little hole he likes to go in, under the driveway.
   This is what my little cottage garden looked like on July 2...

  ...and this is what it looks like today!! Remember all those snow photos in March???

   Speaking of gardens, here are those two beds I built! The hub helped add some logs to my top tier, but I did all the digging/lifting/building myself! The lower tier has eggplant, strawberry, basil, jalapeno, green pepper, Japanese eggplant and tomato. I am trying to get some corn in on the upper tier.

   I have some strawberry and a lovely heirloom tomato growing in a strawberry pot. I can't wait to try this tomato; it is supposed to be a rose/purple color!

   Kosmo (aka the world's happiest dog) enjoys the grass. He has taken out numerous rodents this summer. What a good doggie!!

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