Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cerro Noroeste

   This morning, I went to see a lovely 20 acre piece of property I'm going to list off Cerro Noroeste (about 14 miles west ot the Apache Saddle Fire Station). For some strange reason, all of my photos came out looking like they were taken during a nuclear test; all bleached out. This photo is of some of the lovely (gourd?) plants blooming alongside the highway. I'm going to have to go back out there this week to retake my photos.

   The photos look somewhat artsy, after I tried to correct the color, but they don't do justice to the actual property, and the amazing views. I'll post the new photos when I take them, and you'll see what I mean. In person, you see the farmland of the Cuyama Valley, and it is stunning. Should be an interesting comparison...

  This one of the highway has a David Hockney feel to it, in my opinion...

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