Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Angelic Cub Scouts!

   I can't really post their photos, unless I find one from a distance to protect their privacy (no such luck f/my monkey; mwah hah hah). BUT, my Bear den (& our honorary mascot, rockin' sister of a cubbie) worked SO hard picking up trash on Gorman Post Rd. south of Carl's Jr. in Gorman this evening. And let me tell you, some of that trash was GROSS...Animals are so much more couth than people. I just don't get litterbugs...

   The boys wore gloves, & we were careful about raking trash to them, to avoid any creepy crawlies. They also had instructions not to pick up any bottles containing liquid (don't ask). We had to pick a quadrant, as you could just keep going, & going...Picking up trash could potentially be endless otherwise (think Sisyphus). They cleaned up the south end of the dirt lot, and the hillside/frontage across the street.

   These last two photos show how much better the hillside and lot look. We didn't delve too deep into the trees/gully, but you can see how nice & neat that section now looks...Carl's gave them free drinks, and the cubbies certainly earned them! We filled up SEVEN large bags in one hour. I feel disgusting, and will definitely take a second shower before bedtime. So very grateful one of our dads took the bags in his truck, as: A) I had planned to put them in the Esca-glade & take to the dump tomorrow B)Turns out they emitted a disgusting aroma, so I dodged a huge bullet! Yay for nice dads! And bravo, cubbies!!!

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