Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Decor!

 So we are having fun decorating for fall! I got this idea from Pinterest...
I have the table set for a fun birthday dinner tonight; pork chops, baked potatoes, asparagus, & cake for dessert! Raspberry mojitos, too...
The mantel is ready for Halloween!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The $15 Date Night Outfit!

I LOVE Lord & Taylor! They have the BEST sales. Check out this beautiful coat I recently purchased, that was originally $109, that I scored for $11.97!! The cute corduroy dress I purchased last weekend at Goodwill for $3!! So my date night outfit was only $15. 
 Speaking of date night, look at the amazing filet mignon the hub had for dinner last night at our local fave, CafĂ© Silva Bella.
 I had the cioppino, which was served on pasta, with an amazing sauce. SO yum!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas & I LOVE Trader Joe's!

I WISH my house still looked like this! Most of the snow melted yesterday, and the RAIN has finished off the rest. It is now a giant mud pit on my property. In fact, I had one of my mud boots sink almost 2 feet, & pop off my foot this morning!

On a happier note, I'm just LOVING Trader Joe's even more than usual! I decided to make last night's dinner a 'surf N turf,' since we had leftover fab steaks from the night before. I found these great steamed mussels at TJs, & they are only $3.99 box. Delicious, just a little too heavy on the thyme. We started off with TJ's veggie samosas with homemade cilantro/mint sauce, then had TJ's garlic naan with our surf 'n turf.  YUM.

So this morning, after my pre-teen FINALLY came down, I made him yummy French toast with TJ's cinnamon swirl bread (to die for). But wait, there's more!
  I topped it with the Trader Joe's cookie butter, which I purchased for the first time yesterday. NOT good for a diet, but YOWZA, is it delish!!
Of course, I had a fab Thanksgiving thanks to Trader Joe's. BUT, I also helped host a wonderful wedding shower for my nephew thanks to TJs. I purchased the RSVP brut sparkling, and various juices for a wonderful mimosa/sangria bar. Spiced apple cider, OJ, cranberry and ruby grapefruit were the choices, and 4 kinds of fresh fruit. See the photo below:
Didn't that come out great?? Pretty serving bottles from Target, lambrusco from San Antonio winery, & a great red from Tobin James. Delicioso!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Update

   I'm in love with my new mini-cheesecake pan! Last night, we had our dear friends over for the premiere of the new season of The Walking Dead. My friend made an amazing beef stew, with two bottles of pinot noir in it (yum!). I made mini pumpkin cheesecakes. I got the idea from watching a Bako weatherman decorate a plate like this, with the spider web design. I halved my normal recipe, and was able to make two dozen mini cheesecakes. I want to get another pan!
   Instead of the usual nut/butter/graham cracker crust, I used Jo-Jo cookies from Trader Joe's. You just remove the filling, and use the cookie discs. Then, after baking the cheesecakes, I topped them with chopped walnuts and pecans. On top of that, I put a sour cream topping, that was mixed with brown sugar, nutmeg, and pecan pie whiskey, and baked that.
   Voila! Yummy cheesecakes, and so speedy!
   My senior horsey is now barefoot since August. I'm treating her with kid gloves, since she is still adjusting, and I worry about her, so we went for a walk yesterday, instead of a ride. I rode her in my yard last weekend, and she bucked me about 5 times, so she still has some spunk left!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to 2015! (in July)

   Well, better late than never! A LOT has happened: the biggest event being, my dear friends sold their house (despite my attempts to convince them not to). On the upside, being their realtor enabled me to pay for a corral and living space for our horse, Kahlua. This is her hanging out on the day it was built (and of course, she hurt her leg, but not too seriously).
   Here she is hanging out in her corral, with her new carport stable. The other side is for hay storage, and other supplies. Pretty nifty!
   This is the other side, before we put in my supplies & finished the corral. Notice the clouds: it POURED that afternoon!
   So I FINALLY got our corn seedlings planted. We also have some pumpkin seedlings (hopefully they will do better than last year with the gopher attacks). I also have some asparagus, but it's difficult to see it.
   This is the middle tier, with the peach tree that sprouted from my compost a few years ago. That big tan blob at the bottom is my weimaraner photobombing...
   This is the very incomplete upper tier, with green onions, a few pumpkin & corn seedlings, a tomato plant, and a young apple tree that also sprouted from my compost. I need to do a lot of weeding. I had planned to build a pizza oven, but that project is on hold.
   It's been a busy summer: jury duty in BAKERSFIELD (52 miles away!), but got taken off jury by prosecutor (yay!), dentist/dr. visits, a great vacation at Pajaro Dunes, with a trip to the Monterey Aquarium, horsey chores, entertaining, etc. Plus, we have to find a new teacher for our school, because we lost a valued colleague to another school.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fall Update

Wow, a lot has happened since my last post! We had our first (light) snowfall of the season on Thursday night!
   On Halloween, the staff at my school dressed up like superheroes. Being a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan, I had to be Gamora!
   Despite the gophers and GROUND Squirrels best efforts, I managed to harvest 7 lovely pumpkins this year (I would have had over 20!).
   We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends! We had an additional table set up in the living room. We liked the arrangement so much, we moved the kitchen table there.
   Kosmo loves the new pillows in the den!
This is the dining room before Thanksgiving. We had so much fun (& food!) I forgot to take photos!
My preciousssss!! My friend Kelly ordered another can for me when TJ's ran out! Love her!
On Dec. 6, we went to our 13th Eberle Black Tie Dinner (we've only missed one since 2001).
We had a snow day on the 12th, so the monkey had coconut pancakes for breakfast & a homemade pizza for lunch (spinach for mom, cheese/onion for him!). Then, that night, he had homemade turkey/black bean/lentil chili! YUM!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guess What's on the Menu? What a Fab Weekend!

   JUST plucked this corn from our garden; yum! Going to enjoy with a nice pork roast & Caesar salad with my homemade sourdough croutons.  It is SO nice to be able to eat real food again, after the worst stomach virus in my life, which lasted 7+ days. Phew!
   Speaking of harvesting, the monkey and I squeaked in peach picking yesterday, just in the nick of time. I'm making an apple/peach crisp in the crockpot as I type this, from these peaches and the apples from my class garden. My class made apple crisp on Friday, but we had so much fun, I neglected to take photos!

   Here is Larry Hogan, proprietor & winemaker extraordinaire, pouring wine last night at the French-themed Sagebrush Annie's dinner. The hub & I had a wonderful time. I forgot to photograph the redneck 'chalice' I made him, but you can see one side of it in this photo. Sagebrush rocks!!
   Overall, we had had a wonderful weekend, though we had to skip going to the movies today, since monkey has a little cold. However, I rode the horsey, & gave her an Absorbine bath (which has been doing wonders for my weimaraner), so for me, perfecto!!