Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Busy Week & More Cerro Noroeste Photos (non-nuclear blast!)

   Phew! What a week! The monkey has been doing an awesome job with his swim lessons (so hopefully I will finally be off the hook w/his pediatrician at his yearly appt. this year!). I have had a non-official (no quorum) HOA board meeting, PMLC School Advisory Committee, Cub Scout Pack Meeting (so glad I didn't have to plan it!) & tonight, Chamber of Commerce (somehow I'm secretary, but don't own a business!).
   So, after the swim lesson, we took a drive down Cerro Noroeste (that's the road Mil Potrero turns into, & takes you from PMC to Hwy. 166). The above photos are examples of the scenery, but so much more dramatic in person...

   Here are some of those lovely flowers (so nice my photos came out great this time!).

 This is the entry gate to the 20 acres I'll be listing, but had access issues today, so no photos yet!

   The property is somewhere among the rolling hills below and to the right. The views are just incredible, even better than this one from the road. Note the Cuyama Valley farmland in the backround. That is where you drive through to get to Santa Maria & the 101 (lovely drive).
 So, of course I had to take more photos of those lovely wildflowers that look like something Diego Rivera would paint. Could only photograph sections where I could safely pull over, so some of the prettiest spots, you'll have to see for yourself!

I was so hoping that bird was a condor, but nope, way too small!!
Then, it was back to the PMC pool, which has its own lovely views!!

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