Monday, June 28, 2010

Puppetmaking at Chatterpillar

Here are the adorable kids making their puppets in the craft room at Chatterpillar. They had a blast making their Lilly puppets. How can you not fall for a character who is so strong-willed, always wears cowboy boots (esp. endearing to me), & so naughty at times...("I am the queen, & I hate Julius!" writes a story about her brother called "Julius, the Germ of the World.").

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Chatterpillar photos

This shop is a gem! Every item is lovingly chosen, and the toys stimulate creativity. I especially love all the windup toys...

Craft Day at Chatterpillar

I have begun to write a monthly article in the Mountain Pioneer, "Michi's Corner." I recommend a children's book each month, & have a free activity to go with each article. Today, it was a reading of Julius, the Baby of the World, by Kevin Henkes, followed by "Lilly" paperbag puppets.

Chatterpillar surprised us by supplying goody bags, cookies & pinwheels to the kids! If anyone is ever in the Frazier area, Chatterpillar is a wonderful local treasure. Reminiscent of something you would see on Melrose, this shop has wonderful toys, books & gift items....

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I LOVE the clothes from this company! Personally, I think they should send me free clothes, since every time I wear their clothing, I get a ton of compliments from complete strangers asking me where I got my coat, dress, jacket, sweater, etc. Red coat is corduroy & WASHABLE! I also have two velvet coats, an adorable blue/green raincoat, etc. The dress in the photo is a Boden WASHABLE jersey knit, never needs ironing. Both photos taken at Sagebrush Annie's, wonderful wine & food...

Here are the wildflowers

Not sure what happened, the photos got lost in they are!

Beautiful Wildflowers

Spring came late to the mountain communities. There were still a few light snowfalls in May. Here are some Lebec wildflowers from May - June..

More snow photos

This is what the snow was like in January 2010; biggest snow since we moved here.

Not just that truck stop on the 5!

I live in a beautiful area that most people think is just that truck stop past Gorman. Once you exit Frazier Mountain Park Rd & go west a few miles, it keeps getting prettier! We have four seasons, including snow! Check out some of my photos! This is the 'bunny run' at my house...