Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Labor & Relaxing Dinners

   So, while the monkey visits my sister for the week, I've been enjoying my hobby as a day laborer. Weed whacking, digging out a second garden tier, etc. Found out that railroad ties can leach creosote, but only two look like they may still have some, plus a university web site said after a few years, it reduces dramatically. If they leach, they'll kill my plants, so I won't be poisoning my family...
   The dogs are doing so well (knock on wood). Hannibal Lector (aka Moose), has been going muzzle-free for the last two weeks. Really making great progress...They also enjoy my labor, by turning the burgeoning garden area into a doggy bed...I've made more progress, and my little flower garden in front looks pretty; will add photos soon.

   The other night, the hub & I enjoyed dining al fresco, with these massive steaks he got on sale, sauteed spinach/mushrooms, & mojitos made w/mint I grew...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cub Scouts Bridging Over

  We have had a fun few weeks! Unfortunately I didn't take photos of Wine in the Pines & our great pasta party. So, you'll have to take my word that both were awesome!
  Speaking of which we had an awesome Bridging Over Ceremony at our house. The monkey & my den are now officially Bears!
  Same day (because I am crazy, & that's how I roll), was my storytime/craft at the Mountain Mercantile. The kids had a great time making handprint creations to give to their dads. Really only showing the monkey, but hopefully there will be a nice article in the Mountain Enterprise...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mom of the Year!!

  So, this is what my son is reduced to after spending a day with his mom: using a case of rosé for a pillow! Poor kid. Remember, despite many weeks of preparing & freezer bagging nutritious, homemade breakfasts for his school days, the ONE day his teacher asked the class what they had for breakfast, I had given him a poptart. So, I am henceforth to be known as 'The Poptart Mom!"

  Before I snapped yet another future blackmail photo for when the monkey is a teenager, we went to the California Living Museum! Betty (who is really a boy; hmmmm, I am a transvestite magnet, just ask 'Bunny'), was in rare form. Betty is a freshwater pelican who resides at the museum because of a damaged wing. Betty was a riot; catching balls like a doggy...

   The black bear has this awesome leather hammock, & was snoozing away a la 'Yogi Bear' (or my hub). They even had a sprinkler going to mist him...

   I love, love the porcupine! He had to come live at CALM, because he was too friendly with people, & would come hang out at their campsites & freak them out. Looks like a bunny with claws & quills...He was using the rock as a pillow, then a lizard ran into his quills & startled him. It was siesta time.
   We had so much fun at CALM! Monkey found a crayfish in one of the streams, & loved spotting ducklings and tadpoles. Then I dragged the kid all over Bako, & wore him out.

   This has nothing to do with today, but every year (missed last year), we take a photo of him in his late grandpa's favorite shirt. Have been doing this since his first birthday...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great week got even better; I won, I won!!

  Okay, I NEVER win anything! So, imagine my surprise, when we won the raffle for the really cool kids' fun basket at the PMLC fundraiser yesterday! Wendy packed it full of fun items, like silly string, transformers, krazy straws, name it! The monkey was super-excited. I felt like running out leaping & yelling "I won, I won!" like my former student with autism, Jeffrey, when he got called out at morning assembly for 'caught being good.

The night before, the monkey enjoyed having dinner at the Red Lobster for his "real, actual birthday," and some special presents from Mommy & Daddy.
  The student performance before the PMLC auction & picnic was great (although I can't help but think my last kinder holiday program at Arlington was better, with kinder kids singing in 4 languages...sorry! Can't help tooting my own horn; toot toot!!)... It's very difficult not to compare the school I taught at, with the school the monkey attends; I try not to, BUT...with the level of arrogance that you get from certain people, it begs for comparison. A little humility would go a long way....What impresses me with the school the most thus far: the kids and volunteers; amazing. Anyway, enough with my biased opinions, this is supposed to be a POSITIVE blog; sorry!!
  The silent and live auctions were a ton of fun, and we won our bids for: the CALM (California Living Museum) membership, two tickets to Disneyland, and a beautiful enhanced photo of a wisteria-laden street scene in Italy, by our new friend, Pam. Speaking of wisteria, I am hoping my wisteria will do well this year. I have hope, as both vines have leaf buds...
  AND, speaking of gardening, I was happy to plant a new burning bush, two Lydia's broom plants, some stock, lamb's ear, strawberry, tomato and a bunch of purple alyssum yesterday (thanks to Red Tail Ridge nursery, and my personal 'sherpa,' also known as the hub). Also attempted to start a grape vine (table grapes, but hope to plant some wine grape vines this year). My yard will hopefully start looking pretty, this summer. I know I have been working so hard on it, especially with the weed whacking...

Friday, June 3, 2011

An Awesome Week!

   What a great week! A rockin' b-day party for the monkey, and we have great new friends/neighbors (and I represented them). Speaking of neighbor/friends, I LOVE that I can come home & see my neighbors' horses from my driveway & living room window. The only thing better, would be if they were MY horses...sigh...someday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pinewood Derby @ Mil Potrero Lodge

  What a busy weekend! We had my nephew's graduation (summa cum laude!) from St. Francis on Saturday, and on Sunday, the Pinewood Derby (birthday party Monday!). Of course, we woke up and it was snowing! In fact, it snowed off and on all morning!
The monkey and a fellow wolf at the Derby! This year, he didn't officially place, but we sure had fun!!

The cars had to be checked to be sure they met the requirements (esp. 5 oz. or less!).

And they're off!! Pinewood Derby is so much fun! The boys make and decorate their own cars, then race them. We are planning a raingutter regatta (boats) at Fiesta Days, & will let people race the boys' boats, as well as have our own race!