Monday, August 29, 2011

Gotta Love Bakersfield

   We had the BEST breakfast ever, at Hotel Noriega on Saturday. If you recall, I love having dinner at this wonderful, Basque restaurant, which recently won a James Beard award. Now, I am in love with their breakfast. For only $10 for adults (children are charged based on their age), we had the best breakfast I have ever had.
   You wait in the barroom, as you do for dinner, and they take your egg order (scrambled, omelette, fried, etc.). When they called us in, I was amazed by the array of food: a huge platter of bacon and linguica; a platter of pork chops; since most of us ordered scrambled eggs, a platter of those; a platter of Basque sourdough bread & tons of butter for it; a plate of french fries; and even a soy sauce-sized bottle of wine. You are supposed to choose one drink, but they were nice enough to let us have more than one choice. I was in heaven...They also had this really yummy tart cherry jam (I think for the pork chops, but the kids loved it). My friend ordered an omelette, and it was huge, with cheese, mushrooms & I believe onion.
   After breakfast, we went to the circus. My friend had bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale a month ago. It was AWESOME! We were able to view the animals before the show, & they were gorgeous. The show itself was wonderful, and we had great seats. Rabobank Arena is much smaller than any of the LA venues. So glad we went!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

WOW, A Busy Week!

   The last few days have been very busy! Saturday was the annual Frazierstock, at the lovely Foxtail Ranch. There were sooo many people this year! We had a great time tie-dying shirts, hanging out, listening to music, eating, & enjoying some nice beverages. My spicy tuna dip was a huge hit, & some people even remembered it from two years ago...Shock: I even got the hub to dance with me for about five songs. Unbelievable; before this, I'd only been able to get him to dance with me once or twice, & just for one song...(maybe he's trying to kill me? LOL; I'll just be on the lookout f/chickenbones in my sandwiches). The monkey had even more fun than we did, going crazy on the slip/slide & blowup waterslides & just playing into the night with a bunch of his friends.
   I am super-excited to share I suddenly obtained a 100 day substitute position at the local Gorman school! I am teaching the K/1 class for a teacher on maternity leave. Still scrambling to get it together, but really enjoying the class and kids! It's a very pretty campus, and larger than I expected. The teachers and staff are very nice, and the students are a joy. No sign of Harriet the ghost, yet...

   My yard and house are somewhat neglected, but I am happy to share my compost bin that the hub made for me. I've been using the many dried sycamore leaves from the front yard, as well as yard clippings, egg shells and daily coffee grounds. Look how nice it looks already! Actually, the photo doesn't do it justice, but take my word for it, my first attempt at composting is progressing nicely. Speaking of gardening, I'll have to post photos of my first vegetable garden's growth, and the apples on my tree!
   The monkey is back at school at PMLC. Hoping the homework load is going to be a reasonable amount, so I don't have to turn into an evil witch to make sure he gets it done!
   This week, I have to plan for my Back to School night, attend the monkey's BTSN, AND I have an HOA board meeting. Yikes...On Saturday I hosted my monthly storytime and craft, which had to be moved to Chatterpillar, since the Mercantile has closed (so sad, not sure why...). We read Petite Rouge (a Cajun Red Riding Hood) & Little Red Cowboy Hat, then made cowboy hats out of newspaper. It was very fun!!
   Hub isn't feeling well, & of course they are working him like an automaton at work. Hope he feels better...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cub Scout Float at Fiesta Days

Our cub scouts won the best float entry in the annual Frazier Park Fiesta Days parade! On the heels of our country's sad loss over the weekend, seeing the boys in their uniforms, and all the good they represent, seems that much more poignant. This is an example of the American way of life that our soldiers sacrifice to preserve. No matter what one's opinion is of the war, or political views, we all support our brave military personnel, their families, and their sacrifice for us. It is only fitting that our sponsor is our local VFW...
Here is the monkey in his Bear uniform on the float...
The photo doesn't do it justice, it was an 'outdoorsy' theme, with a tent, & tons of camping gear. Kind of channeled 'the Little Rascals,' except we didn't misspell words (& weren't pulled by a mule following a dangling carrot, but maybe next year!).
This is a better look at our float...
The Hungry Valley Park float had a band that was awesome; they played a ton of Sublime (& very well...).

I was so excited to see Smokey the Bear! Yes, I am that dorky...
What's a parade without a monster truck??

There were some great food vendors. The hub brought me a great tri-tip burrito today while I was working the real estate (desk time & open house for my listing). Yum, yum...

Not as many rides this year (what, no ferris wheel??), but there was a cool little roller coaster...The games were good, too. The water balloon pop was great to win a prize...
Monkey got frightened halfway up the stairs to the big slide, but a very nice former K. classmate (should be a cub scout!), kindly helped him go the rest of the way nice that there are kind kids in this town!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PMC Pool

   The monkey is in his second week of swim lessons at the Pine Mountain Club pool, and has made soooo much progress! He is so willing to go under water, and can now kick without bending his legs (not in this photo, though!). The young lifeguards and instructors are awesome!
   Look at that adorable face (and the lovely mountain view behind him). Have met some very nice people poolside, and very grateful to my friends Lisa & Julie for the guest pass!
   Had a Norton anti-virus 'house party' on Sunday. It was very informative, and if anyone wants, I have extra discount cards to save money on purchasing Norton (which is the program I use). Amy was the lucky winner of a free year of Norton!! The Free Norton Online Family program is a great way to keep your kids from accessing inappropriate info on the internet, too.
   Well, enough procrastinating, time to type the minutes for the chamber of commerce (if you are awaiting PMLC SAC minutes, those are in the hands of the director & SAC pres., those were done Sunday nite!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

30 Year Reunion (yes, I'm that old!!)

I know this has nothing to do with the mountains, but Saturday was my 30 year high school reunion (South Pasadena H.S. Tigers, hence the tiger above us). Was a ton of fun, but nothing can surpass my 20th (those of you who know me well, know the whole 'Romy & Michelle' thing...
Hub looks pretty good, eh? I guess I'll keep him (lol)!!

Me & one of my very besties, I will love her forever!!!