Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Handpainted Glasses

I just did this new batch of glasses this weekend. My individually handpainted, each original, glasses are available at Dragonfly's Garden for $10 each. I am going to take this batch to Mountain Mercantile to see if they want to carry them there, as well. Or, you can contact me asap, if you like any of these designs, & I'll hold for you!

Bon Appetit in the Mountains

    Fajita Friday is my favorite night at La Sierra in Frazier Park (also home to 'Taco Tuesday;' $1 tacos). Look how yummy, with rice, beans & tortillas, for only $8.95...

    It has also become a Friday tradition for the monkey & I to go to Mountain Mercantile for a treat, when he gets 100% on his spelling test (missed this past Friday, as it was pajama day at school, & he didn't want to be out in his 'jammies').      Alice, the wonderful owner, treated us to a slice of homemade cake last time we were there, to go with the monkey's ice cream.  I unfortunately, didn't photograph my amazing, from scratch, clam chowder and bread. I had to buy a loaf of the bread to take home....
    Watch for my March Michi's Magic Bookshelf storytime and craft at Mountain Mercantile. Alice is planning to give each participant a free scoop of ice cream! Speaking of which, my February craft is going to be at Chatterpillar, February 12, from 1-3 p.m. We are going to read Froggy's First Kiss, and I'll Always Love You, and make valentines. Participating children will also receive a certificate they can redeem (that day only) at Dragonfly's Garden, for a free single-stemmed flower.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter in the Mountains

    So, after school on Tuesday, we were able to come home & do some sledding! Of course, now there may not be enough snow...we'll see tomorrow.
Monkey got 10/10 on his spelling test, so I took him to Mountain Mercantile for some ice cream in its new, larger location. Wow! It looks great, & I had yummy clam chowder, & the best homemade bread ever!

Lovely Friday...    

Monday, January 3, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Vacation Fun

    We had a lot of family fun during the monkey's winter break. We surprised him with a visit to the 'Bugseum' at Insect Lore. That place rocks! A bunch of neat bugs, frogs, spiders, etc., & of course an awesome gift shop. Located in Shafter, north of Bakersfield.
Gotta love Johnny Rockets...

Forget being draped in velvet, being draped in dogs is so much more fun!

This icicle was about  2 feet long...

Farrell's & miniature golfing at Mountasia in Santa Clarita...btw: Children's Place is having an awesome sale right now!!

Kramer & the monkey didn't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve...we had an awesome dinner with friends: steak/lobster tails, baked potatoes, asparagus, wine...yum! Good friends & good times!!