Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Update & More Brulee!

   The other night, we had a wonderful dinner party with our wonderful neighbor friends, the 80's rock star & his lovely wife, the dog trainer/rescuer extraordinaire (I need to come up with cool nicknames). We had: real caesar salad with real anchovies, fettucine alfredo with asparagus, garlic bread AND of course, creme brulee. I made my specialty, chocolate, but for the first time, I also made lemon! I just added lemon zest and some lemon juice to the standard recipe I posted earlier this year. YUM. I really want to try to make lime next time (I love anything lime: vodka gimlets, key lime pie, key lime cheesecake, mojitos...).
The next day, I believe a year to the day of last year's massive storm, we had a decent snowfall, about 6 inches, with bigger drifts. It was enough to close school at PMLC the next day, and for the monkey and his friends to enjoy sledding.
   Speaking of the monkey, here he is with Moose, the a.m. it began to snow...
  At the end of the day, I took this shot of the daffodils the hub rescued, in a Tobin James glass. They are going to add this shot to their slide show in the tasting room. I am seeing more signs of spring, and will post them tomorrow. Don't forget to become a follower if you like this blog!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back From the Vet

I was so happy to bring Kosmo home from the vet yesterday. He picked a fight with Moose the other night, & was bit in the shoulder. Yikes. I missed my little sleeping buddy...
Henry was happy to have his 'mini-me' back, too! Love our wonderful vet, San Joaquin in Bako...
This is what the front yard looked like when I left for the vet. Sadly, most of the snow is gone (mud chunks in the house soon to come). In my version of 'Where's Waldo,' can you spot Moose & Henry??
By the afternoon, most of the snow in the yard was gone, but there was plenty on the deck for the monkey and his friends to play in!
Hope the monkey didn't eat any yellow snow...hee hee
Yesterday ended with another mountain 'Maxfield Parrish' sunset...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Snow!!

   Well, I finally got my snow! Just enough for sledding. This is the monkey going down our 'advanced' sled run...Hopefully we will get more!
   The hub right after he slipped (the mud under the snow is really wet!). Too bad I didn't get a photo of him down...
   Get mama!!
  Had to try out the front yard...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cub Scout Blue & Gold

   Wow, I am behind! This is from the weekend of Feb. 25...This year's Blue & Gold (a celebration of Scouting's birthday) had a camping theme. We had a great time feasting on hot dogs and yummy sides. Three of the boys, including the monkey, decorated cakes for the cake auction. This is the monkey's cake. There is a teddy graham trying to catch a yellow 'fish,' a bear in a cave, a man sleeping in the tent, and a man with his head on a pretzel pillow. I thing the pretzel pieces in the 'stream' are supposed to be sticks in the water.
   These are the other two cakes. With the auction and donations, the boys raised $80 for the pack. Excellent fundraising, considering are pack is so small, and no tiger cubs came.
   This is the monkey working on his cake. The night before, the hub & I had a rare night out with our great friends, K & T. Sushi in Bako, then karaoke at our local dive bar. I actually got up and sang to Hole, just because it's something no one would expect me to do (and fortified by sake & gimlets). LOL