Sunday, July 17, 2011

Should I Stop Offering My Free Storytime/Craft??

   We  had an awesome time at Chatterpillar for my free storytime/craft. Sr. Lead Deputy Jauch brought his beautiful, sweet, retired police dog, Riggs. The kids enjoyed seeing Riggs obey commands, were able to pet him, and received really cool trading cards of the police buddies.

   After the demonstration, I read Officer Buckle and Gloria to the kids, and we made 'Gloria' paperbag puppets. Chatterpillar gave each child a balloon and goodie bag with cool toys. I also gave the children my special, homemade chocolate chip cookies; yum yum.
   So why am I asking if I should stop? Only three children (inc. my son) came. I volunteer a ton in this community. I am:
  • On the Pinon Pines HOA board (f/which the only thing the board receives is grief, lol) & design/write the HOA monthly newsletter
  • A cub scout Bear den leader (which means planning & running the meetings/activities)
  • Somehow on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Going to be on the SAC for Pine Mtn. Learning Center, & of course already volunteer there
  • Write my monthly "Michi's Magic Bookshelf" column (not paid)
  • Host a monthly free storytime/craft to go with my column. I plan and pay for the activity (although my sweet friend just gave me a bunch of cool foam craft supplies!).
  • In charge of the silent/live auction tables at the upcoming Shelter on the Hill fundraiser
   On top of all this, I try to do a good job as a wife/mom, do all the yardwork on our acreage property, work as a realtor, doing my unpaid desk time (as a realtor, you only get paid if you have a successful sale) every Sunday, except for the rare occasion I take it off. That means, because of my monthly craft, I only get 3 out of 4 Saturdays to spend with my husband & son, as the hub works all week, and next weekend, he will be working 12 days straight. So, when only two kids come to the storytime/craft, it makes me feel like I should just stop offering that, & just do my column, recommending great children's books to the community.
   I hear the local parents complain that there is nothing for kids to do, but here I am spending money I don't have, to offer a fun activity, and basically, no one shows up. I'm thinking I'll just do some special activities occasionally with the Ridge Route, and the new library when it opens, and get my Saturdays back...I have a storytime/craft scheduled in August at Mountain Mercantile, and I'll see what kind of attendance I get. I was planning to do a special event at M&M Peach Farm in September, but I'm now thinking of nixing that idea. What do you all think??

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