Friday, April 6, 2012

A Wonderful, Busy Week!

  Wow, what a busy, but great week! My adorable listing is finally in escrow with a CASH buyer (phew!). Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce is making great progress, thanks to our wonderful president, Rachel Unell. My friend, "M" her daughter, the monkey & I went to visit STAR education (and their STAR EcoStation) in Culver City, and this wonderful non-profit wants to help the mountain communities get some enrichment afterschool programs here.
   Because we are such a small, rural area, we are used to people treating us like we belong at the 'bottom of the heap,' but the STAR people were so interested in our situation here, and couldn't have been more hospitable and kind. They treated us and the children like VIPs, and spent four hours with us, informing us about what they do for children, and introducing us to every curriculum director that was in the office.
   The assortment of programs they have to offer is mind-boggling, and they have a keen interest in serving the areas that are most lacking in programs and support (Beverly Hills was put on a wait-list to get their programs; I'm sure that was shocking to people who are used to being shown the front of the line in every other aspect of their lives).
   We are hoping beyond hope that ETUSD & Gorman don't waste any time in learning more about STAR by having them come up to present to the boards and the community, and availing themselves of the services they can offer. We had tears in our eyes several times, during our visit, seeing what COULD happen for our children here. Wonderful educators with the thirst for knowledge (you can never stop learning), passion and love for children that all educators should have. They 'get' it; a teacher that has the same exact program every year, with the exact same bulletin boards isn't teaching to the best of their ability.

   The monkey had a wonderful visit with my sis, who took him to Bubble Fest at the Discovery Science Center, and to the L.A. Zoo to see the new reptile house. The dogs were sooo happy when he came home! We had a great visit with my sis, who stayed for dinner.
   Yesterday, we finally took all our old bread to the park to feed the ducks and geese.
   Last night, the hub and I had a date night, and had a nice time with drinks and some small plates at the Padre Hotel, and seeing 'my boyfriend,' Chris Isaak in concert. There are beautiful wildflowers blooming north of Fort Tejon.
   Life has definitely been a challenge the last few years, with this tough economy having a huge effect on our lives. BUT, we have been able to keep our beautiful home thus far, and still find the joy in life. In fact, I think the hard times have had a positive effect in my appreciation for every good thing in my life: family, friends, and simple pleasures. OH! Which reminds me, I forgot to mention I dug out two new planting beds! Now, if the overnight temps could stop plummeting to 25 degrees and less, I could get some veggies going!

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