Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Snow & More News!

   Who would have thought that we'd get snow in April? We had the biggest snowfall of the season on Friday the 13th. Sadly, the monkey can't enjoy it, since he fell very ill. This was the view from one of our living room windows this morning. By the time I get home today, a lot will have melted, I'm sure.
   I need to come up with some more angles, as all my snow shots are beginning to look the same!
Could it be my laziness in taking them from the warmth of the house?
   It continued to snow lightly much of yesterday.
   Here is Moose (aka 'Mooshka' & Moosie-Moose) coming up the steps. The dogs have had a blast playing in the snow. I am dreading the mud chunks to come this week. But, fortunately, in the spring, things tend to dry out faster.

  My awesome sister gave us a lovely blackberry bush on Easter. It has been snowed on twice, but doesn't seem to mind!
   This was the blackberry bush's first snow on April 11. It is the plant against the fence to the right of the tree trunk. The lilac still has buds for the first time since we moved here!!
   The monkey had a wonderful Easter!
   This is the pond in the town park. I'll believe it's spring when those rushes in the middle sprout new green growth. That is my barometer for spring in the mountains...
   I have been very busy with attending school board meetings, and trying to help our local schools. Knocked out my latest 'Bookshelf' article for the New Mountain Pioneer (will feature two books about horses next month), I'm getting my act together for the Lilac Festival (lucky me; I'm in charge of the PMLC booth & will also put in time at Chamber of Commerce booth). Hopefully, I will have some great news to report in the near future!!

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