Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

  Spring has come to my house! This would be a lovely photo, except for the hose snaked around in the backround...Glade trimmed a huge hunk from the apple tree that came with the house, and that seemed to make it happy. It has the most bud blossoms it has had since we moved here.
   Speaking of apple blossoms, the Sierra beauty is covered in them. Hoping we'll get our first apple crop. A "Where's Waldo" moment: can you spot the weimaraner in the photo? Hint: look on the steps...
   This is the yellow delicious, covered in buds. Can you spot the weimaraner head?
   I am super-excited; after attending to the irises, I have counted 23 iris buds in various stages of development in the patch next to our mini side yard.
   It is very fascinating how iris buds form. They seem to start as a bump at the bottom of a cluster of stems, which then travels upward as it develops. I learned the #1 reason iris don't bloom, is that they are too deeply embedded in the soil. So, I dug away at the base of each plant.
   This is my spindly lilac (their reason for not blooming is often not enough sun), with some flower buds. The rosemary below it has some pretty cornflower blue blossoms right now, which apparently are edible. the cherry can be seen in the backround between daffodils. It too has blossoms.
   I'll post more tomorrow; I am being called to play the game of Life (literally, the hub surprised the monkey with the game).

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  1. LOL: can you spot the weimaraner in the photo above??