Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Weekend 2012

   We had a fantastic Earth Day weekend! On Saturday, we went to the Earth Day celebration in Frazier Park put on by Arts for Earth.
  We ran into lots of friends, like Lola and Sunny (available for adoption), our neighbors & members of Mountain Communities SPCA...
   The US Forest Service was giving away great posters (too bad I left ours behind!).

   There were fun activities, like listening to a poem & drawing your favorite part, and the butterfly ladies (even one on stilts!).
   We went w/our great friends, T&K to J&B's BBQ & Grill (the new restaurant in Lake of the Woods).
   Here is the J&B's menu board. The food was really good; we suggested sangria pitchers be added to the summer menu...
   That night, we went with our friends Clem & Linda to the Art & Wine Gallery Cafe in PMC. I'll post photos of that tomorrow.
   Today, I took the monkey to the Star Eco Station Earth Day celebration. Here is an alligator.

   I believe this is a monitor lizard, but I could be wrong...

   This is a much easier way to make a newspaper pot, than when I did origami pots last year. I will steal this idea for the FP Earth Day next year! I love filching great ideas! I'll post more photos tomorrow.

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