Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Spring in the Mountains!

   I took this photo a few days ago, when the clouds did that 'Cuddy Valley thing' of spilling down from the north into the valley.
   My compost must be rich in nutrients; even MORE pumpkin seedlings have sprouted! I'll transplant them in a few days. If just a few survive, we'll have "free pumpkins," as the monkey said.
   I definitely need to plant waaaay more tulip bulbs in the fall. The easiest flowers to grow in the mountains appear to be: daffodils (& no work at all), hollyhocks, and iris.
   This is Sunny, who came to the Bookshelf storytime/craft yesterday. If I didn't already have three dogs, I'd snatch her up. She is the sweeeetest, loving & mellow doggy.
   This is Sophia, who is an energetic, loving little character, with tons of personality.
   In spite of all the excitement, milk bones & children, both doggies were nothing but sweet and friendly to all they encountered...If you are interested in adopting one of these sweeties, go to:

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