Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Great Bargain Rosés for Summer

It is late, unbearably hot, & I can't sleep. So here are some great bargain-priced rosés to help you cool off.

I am really into food and wine, but not an expert or a snob. My favorite wines are reds & sparkling brut wines (like Laetitia). I particularly love Paso Robles/central coast California wines.
For summer, I adore rosés, NOT to be confused with white zin (big shudder). I do not like sweet wines, but fruity is wonderful. My all-time favorite rosé thus far has been Foxen's, but at $25/bottle, it is a bit expensive. We recently sampled three bargain-priced rosés from BevMo (one sparkling), & were really impressed with all three.
My favorite was Ironstone's Xpression, a super-bargain at the club price of $7.99/bottle. It is actually a blend of sev. whites (chardonnay,sauvignon blanc, symphony) & a red (tempranillo), rather than all reds with skins on for a short time. This is a really multi-faceted wine, a flavor explosion, very fruity, without being too sweet. Just loved this, & what a bargain...
The other rosé we tried was the Pink Truck by Red Truck Winery (Cline). It is a blend of zinfandel, grenache & mouvedre. Wow, this is also wonderful. The winemaker says strawberry, raspberry & pomegranate w/orange notes. Maybe it is my horrible allergies, but I mainly tasted pink grapefruit. Whatever, it is really good, and also well-priced at $9.99/bottle.

The sparkling rosé was from Gruet, a New Mexico winery. We had previously tried a sparkling from them & thought it was just okay. This, however, was really tasty! $12.99 for a bottle makes it a lovely and inexpensive way to toast an occasion (like our California firefighters who have done an amazing job protecting the mountain communities!).
FYI: We didn't drink all three bottles in one day (we are 'wineauxs' not winos!). One key to purchasing a rosé wine, is to make sure it is not too old. Beware of stores that only have a few in stock, & avoid wines that are older '07 or '08. These wines are meant to be enjoyed young, & chilled...So refreshing on a hot day!

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