Sunday, August 15, 2010

But Wait, There's More! Lockwood Creek

And you thought I was done! After the car show, we decided to take the monkey to Lockwood Creek. The only previous time I tried to go, the main gate was still closed, AND I guessed the wrong direction (woops!). So, I was super-excited to finally go! It was really amazing how much water is still flowing. Really neat setting. Unbelievably, the Miller Jeep Trail passes right there. But that is a very challenging trail south of the creek; need a dirtbike or a very good off road vehicle. At the creek, we saw signs of bear activity, including scat. Of course, there was also cow 'scat' too (ha ha). Near entrance to the creek, there are two beautiful, dilapidated buildings on private land. I need to find out whose land it is so I can get permission to photograph them! My favorite subjects to photograph are rural buildings in disrepair. Had fun skimming stones & dipping our feet in the creek...

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