Saturday, August 14, 2010

Perseids Meteor Shower Fun

Awesome time in the mountains: Thursday night, we had two close friends w/kids over to stay & watch the Perseids meteor shower. Yummy homemade pizza (pepperoni, pepperoni/mushroom, chicken/pesto/mushroom, & pesto/mushroom/artichoke heart), great salad courtesy of my friend Ellen, & of course, fab strawberry margaritas. The margs were particularly lethal, because the hub (alias Mr. Magoo), unknowingly bought the mixer with tequila IN it, but I made the margs like they were made w/regular mix. Ai yi yi! He promises to bring his reading glasses next time he shops. I'm just glad he wasn't purchasing medication...We had a fire in the stone FP, & made s'mores for the kids. It was AWESOME!! We got to see quite a few meteors; some HUGE. We had chairs & blankets on the hill set up (as seen in photo) & also a tent for any wanting to sleep outside. If you look on the green slope in the photo, there is a whole covey of quail to be seen. I need a better camera, so I can properly zoom, & have less "Where's Waldo" photos.
The little girls LOVED our dogs. Even the tiniest little one (N., not pictured) who was initially afraid of the doggies, fell head over heels w/Henry, the was really funny to see her constantly petting him after being so afraid. V., who is pictured, was pulling Olive (the one with the 'Emmett Kelly' facial markings) by the collar all over the place. Rio is the SWEET black lab pictured with my monkey. Note the pizza sauce all over the side of the monkey's mouth. The dogs are in their usual positions: glued to our living room couch and/or chairs. They spend more time enjoying my views/furniture than I do!

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