Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Dentist in LA!

I took Griffin to our wonderful dentist in South Torrance, Dr. Steven Ota. Why would we drive 90 miles to the dentist? He is an awesome dentist! The monkey has been seeing him since he was 1 year old. Never afraid, says he "loves Dr. Ota." If you are looking for a dentist, he is the best. I was his niece's kindergarten teacher, & I am so glad I was referred to him. Filled 3 cavities yesterday, plus had 2 sealants applied. No discomfort at all, despite all the gear in the monkey's mouth. However, he was wiped out when we got home, & a bit carsick, so WE missed Frazierstock (Glade went; will post photos).


  1. He's mine and the girl's dentist too! Actually, I think he's the dentist for most of my family members here in Torrance! He's great with Michele. Even though she doesn't like the dentist, she doesn't mind visiting him. :)

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