Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fiesta Days in Frazier Park!

After spending the day yesterday on bucket duty, when the monkey had a 12 hour virus, it was a relief to have him recovered today! We planted my beautiful wisteria from Michelle Maga's lovely nursery, then went to Fiesta Days in the park. Missed the parade this year, but the carnival is the best thus far. GREAT booths, pony rides from the pony/horse rescue, & of course, food, music & rides! One more day left tomorrow!! Our favorite booths were the Los Padres Forest Service & Hungry Valley Recreation area booths(SO nice to the kids!). At the Los Padres booth, there is a ton of info on the local flora/fauna & hiking/camping areas, the kids receive a free goody bag w/awesome vintage Smokey Bear comic book & other neat items. They get to play a game in which they answer forest preservation questions (like how to prevent fires). The monkey scored some neat extra prizes, like a pencil, Smokey Bear eraser, & ruler. The Hungry Valley booth also gave out a neat goody bag, & had a real rattlesnake skin to touch, & fun animal masks for children to color. Of course, the monkey loved the Chatterpillar booth (our beloved local toy/gift store). Fun continues tomorrow if you can make it!!

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