Sunday, August 22, 2010


If you are lucky enough to be 'in the know,' you get to attend a yearly event on a wonderful Cuddy Valley ranch, called "Frazierstock" The hosts have been holding this event for years. Their friends come from out-of-town & camp for the weekend. We are lucky enough to just walk. On Saturday, there is always a bbq (guests bring the sides), wonderful music, & a tie dye station with two colors; each year a different combo. This year was a kind of sienna brown & blue. Kid-friendly, with water slides, face painting, games, etc.
The monkey & I had to stay home. I sent Glade with our t-shirts, a bunch of tortilla chips & a big batch of my spicy tuna dip, which was inspired by the dip they used to serve at the long-gone Carlos & Pepe's in Malibu, when I was a hostess there in the 80's (yes, I'm that old!). They served it in the bar. I have a pretty good palate, & the nose of a bloodhound, so I was able to discern the ingredients. I don't measure, but here is the recipe:

Spicy Tuna Dip- In a food processor, put a handful of fresh cilantro, big can of tuna, canned sliced jalapenos to taste, tsp of crushed garlic, a nice measure of cumin (I like a lot, like a tablespoonfull), a dollop of sour cream & a few dollops of mayo. Process until a dipping consistency. If it looks dry, add more mayo. Garnish with jalapenos & some of the hot carrots from the can. Serve with tortilla chips.

This was demolished last year in record time, not sure about this year...
Speaking of Carlos & Pepe's, when I was a (very young) hostess, I seated a variety of celebrities, including: the entire Martin Sheen family (very gorgeous family), Aaron & Candy Spelling & kids (not so gorgeous), Timothy Hutton & Sean Penn (came in together), Joe Piscopo & 1st wife (she was sweet & sad, he was kind of mean), Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame (kept telling his friend & me what a "cute girl" I was, & Burt Bacharach/Carole Bayer Sager (so very, very nice).

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