Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Gardening Projects

My sister Janet inherited all the gardening prowess, but I'm TRYING to improve my abilities!
Here is the Sierra Beauty apple tree I planted next to the tree that came with our house. I did quite a bit of research, & this variety of apple is supposed to be good for our mountain climate, AND has a very interesting history. This is a very CALIFORNIA apple. It was discovered on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada in the 1890's...theory is it was left from miners. Reemerged in 1920's, faded away again until rediscovered in 1980. This apple is a green/yellow w/red stripes that become patches of red or pink. Firm, sweet w/tart finish. Sounds wonderful. Hoping I'll get some blooms/apples next season.
In researching apple trees, I learned in order to grow good apples (or just to produce apples), one must have at least two different varieties to cross-pollinate. The best variety for pollinating other apples is the golden delicious (next on my list to obtain!). They shouldn't be bland or mealy like most in the grocery store, a fresh one is heavenly...

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