Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl

  We had a fun, relaxing Super Bowl. So much so, I didn't take photos! Our neighbor friends came over, & we feasted on yummy hot dogs, kick a** chili, etc. The Thai slaw was soooo good! We all got a kick out of the Hyundai commercial with the boss having a health emergency, as it was filmed here in Cuddy Valley (I remember getting slightly delayed taking the kiddos to school). In the last shot, you can see the woodsy hillside where we all live to the back/right. Here is the link:
Cuddy Valley in Super Bowl Commercial!
   We are hoping for snow, but it's not likely. If anything, we'll get just enough rain for massive mud chunks in the house from the dogs again. I forgot to take a photo of how Kosmo destroyed my rose bush for the party. It looked like someone had set off a hand grenade (bad little dog!). Except for that, the dogs were great at the party. In fact, Moose had no snapping incidents at the other dogs, & hung in the den for some of the party. What a change from last year, when he was Hannibal Lector and Mike Tyson combined. He is our miracle dog!

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