Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pine Cone Wreath

   I saw a photo of a pine cone wreath in an Ojai magazine featuring a home that was converted from an old Masonic temple. I made a beautiful one for my sis, & this (not as beautiful) one for me. Then, when the monkey & I went to visit my buddy in Petaluma, she gave me a Martha Stewart magazine with directions on how to make pretty much the same wreath. An improvement on this one, is to use moss behind the cones, which would help hide the base.
   I'm going to be running the PMLC Lilac Festival booth, and I'm thinking that we could easily make and sell these wreaths. The students could assist by gathering the pine cones, and the older ones could even wire the big cones on. Tourists and other folks can purchase a wreath made from locally gathered cones. I think this is a winner!!
Pine Cone Wreath Directions:
  • Wreath Frame (metal is best, imho)
  • At least three kinds of pine cones: large, medium & small (I used Jeffrey, piñon, and I believe, fir)
  • Hot or cool glue gun
  • Floral wire
   Wire the largest cones to the wreath; they will be your base. I like having the top one pointed up. Martha Stewart says to put the dried moss on first, but I think that would interfere with the wiring. The moss should then be applied to the backside to hide the frame. Next, arrange medium cones & begin glueing. I would be very careful with the moss (not sure how flammable it is). Also, keep a bowl with water & some ice cubes to instantly soothe any burns you may get from the glue (I learned the hard way...) Glue on the small, 'fluffy' cones as accents. Voila! A beautiful wreath!
   Be prepared, pine cones, especially the piñon (which produce the tastiest pine nuts) are sticky with sap. The best way to remove sap, is with oil (vegetable, olive, etc., or even an oily lotion). I rub it in & rub off the sap with paper towels.

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