Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Awesome Ending to My 100 Days

   So, here are my (former) students preparing for their 100 step walk on the 100th day (conveniently incognito in ther 100 day glasses!). We had a great, but busy day. Sadly, the assistant in the class was whisked away to photocopy hw packets for two other teachers, & the perm. teacher was busy prepping her materials, so I was pretty much on my own for the day. I guess in a sense, that was nice, as I was able to share the day with them. However, it made activities take longer, and we didn't even get to share their 100 collections together.  Hopefully they had fun doing that yesterday. We made fruit loop necklaces (100 fruit loops in sets of 10, organized by color), posters, made a book, had a pizza, fun, fun! In fact, we got the pizza from the Flying J (that truck stop everyone thinks is 'Frazier Park.'). The pizza was surprisingly, very good!! All the children can use the 100 grid to write to 100, except for one K, who still needs some help.
   I am very proud of my work with the children. Thanks to the guided reading program I implemented, this is the progress from September - January (no names, just progress): No level means they couldn't even pass an aa level.
First Grade (should have begun the year at a level C or higher):
Child      1: Level D   -    H
              2:          E    -    H
              3:          E    -    J
              4:          B    -    F
              5: no level    -    C
              6:          aa   -    C
              7: no level    -    C+
              8: no level    -    B+
              9:          A    -    E
            10:          D    -    I
            11:          C    -    H
            12:         aa    -    E
            13:         aa    -    D
            14:          D    -    H

Kindergartners should be at a C or higher by June. Four are on the cusp of passing their first level (aa), and I now have an A, B & C. Of the "A,B,C" kindergartners, one couldn't pass aa in November, and the other two were aa's in November.
  Of the 8 first graders who began the year below grade level, I am certain four will be at grade level or higher by June, if they continue to progress. The four who are still below grade level in reading: one left the school & had an IEP, the other three are ELL's (English language learners). They have a strong chance of getting at least close to grade level (a J by June). All three have seen a dramatic improvement in math as well, because now they can read & understand most of their word problems. I am so proud of them!! I also can't help but toot my own horn just a bit, so toot-toot! I hope SOMEONE will give me a teaching job SOON!! I (and my potential students) deserve it!!!

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