Saturday, March 9, 2013

March in the Mountains!

This morning, there was still enough snow for the monkey to go sledding. I'm happy to finally see him wearing one of his coonskin caps...maybe he'll start a retro fashion trend amongst his peers. I'm a sucker for that 50's era childhood fashion & western decor...
Yesterday, our friend L (we share the horsey!) came over for some sledding! This is our best run, but it is going to lose a lot of snow today, sadly. Look at L go!

After sledding, we took advantage of the great consistency to make: a snow dog...

L made a snow elephant (snelephant)...
...and the monkey made a 'snowbra' (snow cobra). VERY fun! Today we are going to lunch at SAGEBRUSH for a birthday celebration & some wine tasting...WHEE!!!

      Here is Davey Crockett sledding this am!
   Despite the snow, bulbs are sprouting everywhere (these are daffodils, with buds already formed), and the horse & goat are shedding up a storm...Once we deal with the mud (yuck) we should be able to start some fun gardening prep & enjoy lots of fun trail rides!! Yippee!!

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