Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Brief Tease of Spring!

Yesterday was SUCH a lovely, warm day! Kahlua & I took a wonderful ride through the back of Pinon Pines, down Foxtail Rd., to Darling Road and back down along Cuddy Valley Road. It was a nice, circuitous route, and a mini-tour of our end of Cuddy Valley. This is us on Darling Road...
This is looking east from Darling Rd. on horseback...
My version of "Where's Waldo?" Where is my house?? lol I forgot to mention that longing (or lunging) the horsey before I ride has really improved her performance for me. This is extra-important, since we usually ride alone. She got a few bucks out, and comically, some loud blasts of gas, when I put her into a lope. Fortunately, when I briefly loped her in her favorite 'speed-up' spot, she didn't pass gas (tiny buck or two; she is so easy to sit, it's hard to tell when she gives a happy buck).
Mmmmm...know what these are? Vegetable samosas. We used a certificate to try out an Indian restaurant in Valencia called "Karma." It was so yummy!
Here is a happy hub..
...and a happy monkey! We enjoyed chicken tikka masala, lamb saag and coconut chicken curry. Wow! We will definitely go back! Today it is much cooler than yesterday...c'mon spring and summer!!

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