Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Super Saturday & Sweet Rolls!

  Check out these raspberry lime sweet rolls, pre-glaze, I made yesterday! I was inspired by an episode of the Pioneer Woman, so I used her basic sweet roll recipe (found on, but used 2% milk instead of whole , and the oil I used was this great canola/olive/grapeseed blend I've been getting at Costco. I spread Linn's (famous Cambria store, made my ollalieberry wedding cake) raspberry preserves on the dough, & also sprinkled lime sugar (lime zest mixed into sugar).  The only part I had trouble with was the lime glaze, the proportions are off, so it was way too runny. I need to experiment more. These were amazing!
   Anyone who knows me, know I LOVE lime! Here is the lime sugar I made...
We took our relatives, G & M, to Sagebrush Annie's for wine tasting and lunch. For some crazy reason, I didn't snap any photos of our friends (the owners) Larry & Karina. It ended up being a 5+ hour lunch!!
Here is another photo, with monkey & hub!

Check out the amazing crab cakes! No more photos after that, too busy tasting fabulous wine, eating a fab lunch, & enjoying ourselves. Monkey & I finally checked out the old rodeo arena out back, & met Larry's horse. What a wonderful day!!
Speaking of the monkey, this is what he insisted on having for breakfast this am!
I have to jet; making Chinese Chicken Salad for a church potluck, work on report cards & lesson plan for my fab kinders. Here is a shot of this morning's view...can you believe how quickly the snow has melted?? Mud chunk mayhem will ensue courtesy of my spoiled dogs!!

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