Sunday, September 26, 2010


     Went out to dinner with our friends last night at Noriega in Bakersfield. Of course I didn't snap any photos, but found this one of their sign.
     This was my 5th time there, and first time going on a weekend. This is an historic Basque restaurant, that has one family-style reserved seating for dinner Tues-Sunday at 7 p.m. Each night features two main entrees, with an assortment of sides. Saturday night is oxtail stew & fried chicken. The stew was so delicious, not at all what I expected, the chunks of meat were large & tender. The fried chicken was so yummy, with tons of garlic (a plus in my book).
     When you first enter, you are in the bar. Drink prices are reasonable, & the bartender was nice & attentive, which was a pleasant surprise given that: 1)The room was packed 2)Only one bartender 3)Female bartenders aren't always so service-oriented with me. I had the very retro "Moscow Mule," which is vodka & ginger beer, & served in a special metal cup. Refreshing drink on a hot day.
     Your parties get called into dinner, & you sit at long tables. We were first served thin slices of pickled tongue (better than it sounds), savory garlic cottage cheese, salad, bleu cheese, bread/butter, and that wonderful Basque cabbage soup, with beans & salsa on the side, that you put in the soup. Next they set out potato salad & the oxtail stew. We were then given platters of spaghetti, french fries and the fried chicken, as well as brocolli. For dessert, a scoop of ice cream. Delicious, and a super-bargain at the prix-fixe price of $20/person (children 12 & under charged $1 per year of age).
     We all had a wonderful time, and I enjoy this restaurant more than the more well-known Woolgrowers.

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