Monday, September 6, 2010

A Great Reunion

Okay, I am a dummy for not snapping any photos of Kosmo/Kramer's reunion, but here is a photo of big Henry & little Kosmo...Saturday night, the weim brothers had their reunion, & had fun running around our property. Kramer was busted standing on the dining room table before dinner, apparently waiting to be served...ha ha
Speaking of dinner, my friend brought a wonderful salad with avocado, red onion, and these yummy mini pumpkin seeds from Fresh N Easy. I made my special spicy chicken in a cilantro cream sauce over pasta (prefer to use red pepper rotelli, but used plain 'wagon wheel'). Garlic bread & berry pie for dessert...yum yum.
(sorry, I rarely measure)
  • First, you need to make or have some roasted chili paste. I use the dried skinny red chilis, you cook them in hot oil until almost black. Remove, put in blender with some garlic, a pinch of salt, some cumin, a little water & blend. Good to use in spicy soups, etc.
  • Chop up some boneless chicken (I used about 4 large breasts), saute in olive oil, garlic & chili paste to taste, set aside.
  • Put a large washed amt. of fresh cilantro in blender. Blend w/container of heavy cream. Can also substitute/add milk. Set aside.
  • Boil your water, be ready to cook your pasta.
  • Prepare your roux ( your thickening agent; good scrabble word): Melt butter in pan, then cook some flour in it until thick & pasty.
  • Slowly add the cilantro cream to roux, so you will have a nice thick sauce, rather than runny. If you do it too quickly, your sauce will be runny. Once sauce is ready, add chicken & keep stirring. Can add more milk/cream. A pinch of sea salt is good, too. I tend to avoid using salt in my cooking, because I LOVE salt too much...
  • Pasta should be ready & drained. Serve the pasta with the chicken cilantro sauce & enjoy!
I think next week, we will do a homemade pizza night, & invite a few more friends. Looking forward to cooler weather, & making big pots of chili or chicken pozole...

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