Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Farming Fun

   The girls are enjoying their new home, and continue to give us 2-3 eggs a day, despite three that are in various stages of molting. They are really cute, and fun to feed. They are beginning to relax more, but clearly have not been handled. I am trying to get to the point where I can pet them, but that is going to be a long way off.
   I enjoy giving them special treats, like the monkey's leftover oatmeal in a watermelon rind. The girls love oatmeal, watermelon, romaine and bananas.
   Speaking of farming, today was day one of the Teachers' Ag Seminar. Wow! What a great experience. They provided a wealth of agriculture info and contacts, plus a ton of nice giveaways. We visited Frito Lay (& got to taste fresh, warm fritos, potato chips, Santita chips and nacho cheese doritos), where we saw the production and packaging.
We also visited the Famosa stock market, and viewed some cattle auctions. The cattlemen's association even gave us a nice lunch. It felt nice being treated like a professional, and was very educational. We learned about farm rotation, pest control advisors, and how farms are dealing with the colony collapse problem with honeybees. One of the farmers brought in some whole black eyed pea bushes and almond branches. I'm looking forward to then next two days! I would highly recommend this to my teacher friends, especially those who teach in the city.
  Last week was Art Camp 7, and the monkey had a blast! Two of his favorite activities were cookie decorating and the beautiful rain stick he made out of a yucca stalk. He is completing NASA camp this week, and he's looking forward to making s'mores on the last day with a solar oven. My wonderful friend, Barb is taking him to camp for me so I can attend my ag seminar.

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