Tuesday, July 16, 2013


   So this is the hub getting some fencing around my new coop yesterday, after working an arduous day in the studio, because I told him I had found my chickens, and would be picking them up today. What a trooper!

We chose the area in front of our patio...

   This is the EXCITING part: we now have FIVE hens! I found a sweet older gentleman selling them on Craig's List. Three aracauna (the 'Easter Egg" kind I wanted) and two mixed breed. They are all buddies, and a bit shy, but if you look to the right of the coop, you can see some of them hiding.
   After I picked the monkey up from space camp, I found that they had devoured the watermelon I gave them, rind and all. AND...there were already three eggs in the nesting box! The light washed it out in this photo, but there were two green and one very light blue egg (or was it the other way around...?). Anyway, we were so stoked! I'm hoping for the best with the doggies, and hoping to train them to not want to eat the girls. Hopefully my next posts will continue happily, and not be sad (fingers crossed).

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