Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gardening Update and NEW Boots!

  Growing asparagus requires a lot of patience. This is year two of my asparagus planting, so I only get to harvest a few spears. Super-excited to have any, though! Next year is when we are supposed to enjoy the rewards of letting the bed establish...
   This is my corn plot which I hope will be productive this year. I have corn in various stages, and just added more seedlings yesterday.
   The monkey and I transferred the pumpkin seedlings to the corn area yesterday, and we are nurturing the basil and eggplant sprouts.
   I no longer have to envy others' hollyhocks: I have them growing in three different spots, and have three shades so far. This plant is by my back steps, and I have some sweet peas I am coaxing along as well. My favorite bouquet ever, was a mass of sweetpeas the hub gave me years ago...
   I was SUPER-excited, that my new Justin AQHA boots arrived yesterday! These will be my 'dress-up' boots. The price was VERY reduced, courtesy of Zulily...I love a bargain, and I love these boots! My old boots have a hole in the bottom, and my resoled Noconas are about 14 years old, and need tips. These are so comfy, and the square toes are my favorite shoe style. Everyone knows I LIVE in boots...woo hoo!
   Last night, we broke out the little fire pit my friend gave me (free, from the dump!), roasted marshmallows with our buds, C & L, and enjoyed some very tasty sangria and!

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