Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy!!

   As you may already know, once I get approved by the school board later this week, I will officially be a kindergarten teacher again!! This position is my dream job: fantastic administrator implementing spot-on changes in all areas of the school, a school that needs my talents to improve student performance, a beautiful country school with great kids & colleagues, and the nicest, largest classroom I have ever seen!
   My friends came over Sat. nite for a pizza/sparkling celebration. We were having so much fun, I only snapped this photo of the cake they brought. AND, my two sweet girlfriends gave me a certificate to get a proper haircut on Thursday! I am a lucky gal!!

   I have been turning a new leaf in getting myself & the dogs exercised (no results for me, yet). Saturday a.m., I took the 'weisenheimers' for a jaunt. Look closely, the photos are of two different dogs. Look at what a beautiful place we get to walk...

   This is at the entry to Pinon Pines. The cows are so cool!

   So, for months I have joked about loitering in front of that sign. Here we are, well, loitering!

Hee, hee, hee...

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