Monday, August 20, 2012

Gardening Success and Failure

   Here is my miracle dog, Moose, with three of my garden tiers behind him. The corn has just stalled; sadly, I don't think we'll get any real ears. Next year, I will plant more (I think pollination was a factor), and be on top of any infestation (I think ants had an aphid farm).
   The first pumpkin stopped growing, so it's very petite. However, it is already turning orange.
   This pumpkin is continuing to grow nicely. It is a little smaller than a kid's soccer ball.
   This pretty pumpkin is shaped like a bell pepper, and the size of a skull.
   The biggest pumpkin has continued to get gnawed on. Strangely, it continues to grow. If it survives, we'll make this a zombie pumpkin (or zombie victim!).

   This is the largest spaghetti squash, close to the size of a football. It is finally beginning to yellow, and I think we will eat it later this week. A few grape tomatoes have ripened, but we gobbled them up before any photos could be snapped!
   Speaking of gobbling, I made some of the BEST cookies ever. An easy recipe with nutella. I'll post it tomorrow...


  1. Wow, the pumpkins are looking good. Maybe sprinkle some DE (food grade) on the chewed on gourd. DE works for so many pests at our house!

    1. Thanks, Alexis! Hope to see you at Back to School tonight!! :)