Sunday, August 12, 2012

Frazierstock 2012

   Well, we finally dragged ourselves to Frazierstock around 5, and so glad we did! We brought my thai slaw to share, and a jug o'sangria. It was so much fun. The bbq tri-tip and pork was amazing. I have realized that I really need a wood fire bbq (and pizza oven!). C'mon job market (I have applications with BCSD & LACOE in). If I finally get a job in education, my first purchases will be a nice new bed for Moose, & a new side mirror for the hub's car. Then onto a horse!!
   Some adorable little girls sang before the band started. They sang an Adele song!

   The tie dye colors this year were a dark wine & yellow (kind of like USC). These are our creations...
   The monkey & I donned our cowboy hats (boy, do I need a makeover, latisse & botox!!).
   This was the scene around sunset. Much prettier in person. I am still having this issue with my blog taking photos that I have edited to be right side up, and turning them back sideways, so I didn't post those.
   The band was fantastic. They played well into the night. We left around 9:30 to view the Perseids meteor shower at our house, and could clearly hear all the songs they played. The clouds blocked the view for a little while, but when they cleared, we saw some amazing meteors.
   Our friends brought a bottle of the Riverbench brut rose sparkling. Wow! I want to go taste there more than ever, now. What a fabulous weekend. I even dragged my lazy self to the only progressive church on the mountain this a.m., Open Door.

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  1. What a lovely evening! I hadn't heard of this event but it sure looks fun. Boy the weather up here was beautiful today. Love mountain living!