Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

   I am continuing to backtrack in my posts (remember that backwards 'Seinfeld' episode?). On New Year's Eve, we had a 'New York New Year's' at our local Mexican restaurant, La Sierra. We were fortunate to sit with our buddies the Frantis & the Tapias. We enjoyed New York steak & NY cheesecake, but split before the 9 pm. NY New Year.
   After, a few friends came over to feast on some yummy treats (thank you, Linda & Lola!), & sip sparkling cocktails. We stayed up until 1 p.m., & was I tired (I'm getting old!).
   Earlier in the week, the monkey & I made a quick one night trip to Petaluma to visit my BFF, Christine. We have known each other since our college days at Pepperdine in Malibu. She was a Theta, I was a Zeta (which is now Kappa Kappa Gamma), but I was an 'honorary' Theta my last year at 'Pepperstein' (meaning I hung out mainly with Thetas!). We have stayed friends over the years, & she is a treasure.
   The monkey & I had so much fun visiting with her & her handsome 11 & 13 year old boys. The monkey insisted on sleeping in their room with them, thus crushing mommy's heart. They played 'Wipeout' on the Kinect, & my buddy & I had some long overdue 'girl' time catching up. She even made us a wonderful Thai curry dinner. The recipe is from her days when she worked for the now defunct "Dinner Source." I'll make it next week, & post the recipe, if I can get my hands on some Kafir lime leaves (one of the most important flavors in Thai cooking).
   She sent us home with a cool wooden treasure chest I plan to use for cub scouts, some great handme-downs for the monkey, but most importantly, warm hearts!! I love her & her family!!

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