Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FOOD: My Pizza Creations & Artisan in Paso Robles

Pizza is one of my favorite dishes to make. It's easy if you have a ready supply of flour & yeast. I make my crust with 1/3 whole wheat flower. This first pizza is from about two weeks ago, & is a spinach, mozzarella & parmesan, with a lot of herbs.
The next pizza is from the same evening, & a classic pepperoni, with some parmesan accents.

This pizza is from last night. I had no pepperoni, so made it 1/2 cheese for the monkey, & 1/2 with homemade meatballs for the hub.

This last pizza is also from last night: spinach & bbq chicken. Yum... Now my pizza crust isn't as good as our friend Chris makes, so I may have to rethink my opinion on pizza stones, since that is what he uses!

Now, to continue my backtracking updates: Artisan! Artisan is our favorite restaurant in Paso Robles. We were supposed to attend our 11th Eberle Black Tie Holiday dinner, but we had a terrible reservation snafu; to paraphrase what some Basque guys told us at Au Bascou in Paris: 'no reserve, no comida' (we actually did get comida when the owners made us a special table, but that's a whole other story). Anyway, we went to Paso in December anyway, and for the first time in 11 years, saw their Christmas parade from our window table in our favorite Paso restaurant.
This was our first course: jalapeno cornbread with honey butter and charcuterie...paté, salumi & foie gras torchon. We also had a bottle of great rosé, I believe from Halter Ranch.


This is our view of the parade. It has grown from just decorated old trucks to floats...
This is the flatiron steak with fries & cabernet butter...

I had pork on some delicious greens...amazing...We were sadly too full for dessert!

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