Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Happy Holiday Season & New Year!

Wow! I am way overdue for an update. I guess I'll start with New Year's & go backwards. We finally went to the Rose Parade (haven't been in over 20 years!). It was awesome, & my wonderful sister saved us a great spot in east Pasadena. This is the RFDtv float, with the real Trigger & Bullit (I loved Roy Rogers as a child).

   Photos do not do the floats justice; you reallly need to see them in person. This is truly the most spectacular, beautiful parade you will ever see.

   The Natural History Museum float was Griffin's favorite. We used to take summer classes there, and it is one of our favorite museums...

   My friends all know how much I love horses, and dream of someday having one of my own. Sigh...strangely, I didn't snap any photos of the Friesans, which are one of my favorite breeds...
   We couldn't believe this float had one of those cool 'Kit Kat' clocks Griffin wants. I can't believe I didn't snap a photo of the South Pas alien/lemonade float (one of its best ever). 'Oh hail, South Pasadena...' (I went to South Pas High...).

This Hawaiian float was one of my favorites.
The Loyola Marymount  (where my niece attended law school), float was one of the prettiest, and should have won an award!
   I was LMAO, when the first float featured Kenny G; he is everywhere! I will post more updates/photos later!

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