Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Labor & Relaxing Dinners

   So, while the monkey visits my sister for the week, I've been enjoying my hobby as a day laborer. Weed whacking, digging out a second garden tier, etc. Found out that railroad ties can leach creosote, but only two look like they may still have some, plus a university web site said after a few years, it reduces dramatically. If they leach, they'll kill my plants, so I won't be poisoning my family...
   The dogs are doing so well (knock on wood). Hannibal Lector (aka Moose), has been going muzzle-free for the last two weeks. Really making great progress...They also enjoy my labor, by turning the burgeoning garden area into a doggy bed...I've made more progress, and my little flower garden in front looks pretty; will add photos soon.

   The other night, the hub & I enjoyed dining al fresco, with these massive steaks he got on sale, sauteed spinach/mushrooms, & mojitos made w/mint I grew...

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