Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mom of the Year!!

  So, this is what my son is reduced to after spending a day with his mom: using a case of rosé for a pillow! Poor kid. Remember, despite many weeks of preparing & freezer bagging nutritious, homemade breakfasts for his school days, the ONE day his teacher asked the class what they had for breakfast, I had given him a poptart. So, I am henceforth to be known as 'The Poptart Mom!"

  Before I snapped yet another future blackmail photo for when the monkey is a teenager, we went to the California Living Museum! Betty (who is really a boy; hmmmm, I am a transvestite magnet, just ask 'Bunny'), was in rare form. Betty is a freshwater pelican who resides at the museum because of a damaged wing. Betty was a riot; catching balls like a doggy...

   The black bear has this awesome leather hammock, & was snoozing away a la 'Yogi Bear' (or my hub). They even had a sprinkler going to mist him...

   I love, love the porcupine! He had to come live at CALM, because he was too friendly with people, & would come hang out at their campsites & freak them out. Looks like a bunny with claws & quills...He was using the rock as a pillow, then a lizard ran into his quills & startled him. It was siesta time.
   We had so much fun at CALM! Monkey found a crayfish in one of the streams, & loved spotting ducklings and tadpoles. Then I dragged the kid all over Bako, & wore him out.

   This has nothing to do with today, but every year (missed last year), we take a photo of him in his late grandpa's favorite shirt. Have been doing this since his first birthday...

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