Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great week got even better; I won, I won!!

  Okay, I NEVER win anything! So, imagine my surprise, when we won the raffle for the really cool kids' fun basket at the PMLC fundraiser yesterday! Wendy packed it full of fun items, like silly string, transformers, krazy straws, name it! The monkey was super-excited. I felt like running out leaping & yelling "I won, I won!" like my former student with autism, Jeffrey, when he got called out at morning assembly for 'caught being good.

The night before, the monkey enjoyed having dinner at the Red Lobster for his "real, actual birthday," and some special presents from Mommy & Daddy.
  The student performance before the PMLC auction & picnic was great (although I can't help but think my last kinder holiday program at Arlington was better, with kinder kids singing in 4 languages...sorry! Can't help tooting my own horn; toot toot!!)... It's very difficult not to compare the school I taught at, with the school the monkey attends; I try not to, BUT...with the level of arrogance that you get from certain people, it begs for comparison. A little humility would go a long way....What impresses me with the school the most thus far: the kids and volunteers; amazing. Anyway, enough with my biased opinions, this is supposed to be a POSITIVE blog; sorry!!
  The silent and live auctions were a ton of fun, and we won our bids for: the CALM (California Living Museum) membership, two tickets to Disneyland, and a beautiful enhanced photo of a wisteria-laden street scene in Italy, by our new friend, Pam. Speaking of wisteria, I am hoping my wisteria will do well this year. I have hope, as both vines have leaf buds...
  AND, speaking of gardening, I was happy to plant a new burning bush, two Lydia's broom plants, some stock, lamb's ear, strawberry, tomato and a bunch of purple alyssum yesterday (thanks to Red Tail Ridge nursery, and my personal 'sherpa,' also known as the hub). Also attempted to start a grape vine (table grapes, but hope to plant some wine grape vines this year). My yard will hopefully start looking pretty, this summer. I know I have been working so hard on it, especially with the weed whacking...

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