Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween in Pinon Pines!

     We had a blast: after NOT having enough time to get ready (I should have taken the day off!), my friends Linda & Rachel saved the day, by helping me! We had a wonderful chili I had made the Friday before, so it would have time to absorb the flavors (esp. yummy because it also had some of my friend Ellen's homemade dinner sausage), cornbread, hamburgers, hot dogs, cupcakes, carrot cake w/homemade cream cheese icing (thank you Rachel & Linda!), etc.
     Had a ton of fun trick-or-treating in the main area of PP. Some people really go all out, esp. the Raymonds. They have a huge deck area decorated, then two 'rooms' to make a haunted house; the first is not as scary as the second.
    So fun, like a scene out of a movie...decorated homes, gracious people & great costumes. Really enjoyed the sea jelly made from an umbrella, a little girl in Griffin's class came to school as Frida Kahlo (sans unibrow, though), the pizza costume, etc. Great Halloween!
     Highlight of the evening (unfortunately costume/mishap not captured on film): my friends (aka the 'MacGuyvers') made the coolest biplane costume out of cardboard. Their son 'crashed' nose-first into the gravel at the first home the kids went trick-or-treating at. It was hilarious, a la 'A Christmas Story' & the snowsuit; limbs flailing & he couldn't get up...(funny because only his pride was injured).
     Will post about Rio's surgery, our drive up to Mt. Abel, etc. later...

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