Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random News...

We had a great time at the Ridge Route Museum with our little group at my monthly free craft yesterday.
     The gloomy weather, and last day of soccer, no doubt had a lot to do with the small turnout. We enjoyed reading The Rainbow Bridge (based on a Chumash legend), and making feathered armbands. The children also had fun exploring our local treasure of a museum, inside and out. Daisy Cuddy made delicious 'cowboy' cookies, and I made tollhouse, with a pinenut in each, to honor the Chumash. Attendees were rewarded with a bag of yummy cookies, and Daisy's recipe. I had a surprise teenage volunteer, as well.
     My favorite part of the day was hearing about Harriet, the ghost at Gorman School. I may have to attempt to write a children's book about her...She was a 5 year old girl in the 1930's, whose family fields were where the school now resides. She wanted so badly to attend school, that when she saw a school bus, she jumped off her father's tractor. She fell, and was run over by the tractor, and died instantly. Her father buried her where she died. The school was built over her grave, and there are numerous Harriet stories at the school. She is a friendly ghost, enjoying her stay at the school...The Ridge Route has a desk and chalkboard in the museum to honor Harriet. Here is a link to a youtube video from television program that featured her story: Harriet the Ghost
     This morning, we awoke to beautiful snow, but not enough for sledding. The forecasters were once again completely off about how much snow we were going to get...
     On a comical note, Kosmo, the 10+ month old puppy (AKA 'Dr. Destructo'), managed to get a feather stuck on his nose this am. Hilarious, then he managed to get it off & eat it.
     So bummed I was unable to snap any photos of him playing in his first real snowfall. The hub was shoveling the driveway and said Kosmo cavorted for a while, snow on his nose, etc. Next thing he knew, the puppy disappeared, and was next seen watching the hub from the comfort and warmth of the living room window. He is a clever puppy, after all...

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